On-Site Diagnosis and Repair

Though we sell the highest-quality audio visual equipment, over the course of the life of a piece of equipment, there is a possibility for problems due to use and even human error. Avectus knows how valuable your time and equipment is and that is exactly why we offer on-site diagnoses and repair for all of our equipment. The hassle of taking malfunctioning equipment off site costs precious time and could lead to delays in your virtual meeting schedule. The technicians at avectus will work quickly and accurately to ensure that your equipment is up and running again in a timely fashion.

When you have an issue with avectus audio visual or video conferencing equipment that you know you cannot fix on your own, it is our pleasure to come to your organization and get to the bottom of the problem. Our technicians work with a variety of audio visual and video conferencing equipment on a regular basis and can get to the bottom of your problem quickly and repair it with efficiency. The best way to guard against repair on your audio visual equipment is through preventative maintenance; even so, not all breakdowns can be prevented and avectus is happy to help when you need us.

In a marketplace that often gives consumers a “do-it-yourself” message, avectus stands out as a hands-on company. Our goal is to allow our clients to rely on us to help solve any issues that may arise, even if it means that we come to you to determine the source of the problem. It is just one way that avectus delivers quality client service on our products and services. Ask an avectus professional about the standard procedures for on-site diagnoses and repair on the equipment that you plan to purchase.