Training & Professional Development

At avectus, we value sharing our expertise with our clients. We offer a variety of courses that will help your employees use our equipment with ease and confidence.

Some of the courses that we offer include:

SMART Notebook – Basics
Module Workshop: 2 hours.

This is the foundational workshop for using the SMART Interactive Whiteboard. After this course, you will be able to use your SMART Interactive Whiteboard immediately and can set up your computer with the basics of digital ink. The workshop also provides an overview of the Notebook software.

SMART Notebook – Level 1
Full day session: 6 hours.

This full-day program is designed for educators and helps them learn the most effective ways to implement the SMART Interactive Whiteboard and Notebooks software in classroom settings. The session covers everything from the basic setup to intermediate software use in order to enhance interactive lessons.

SMART Notebook – Level 2
Full day session: 6 hours.

This full-day program builds upon the skills learned in the Level 1 training session. After the Level 2 SMART Notebook training, participants will be able to create highly interactive lessons and rich multimedia learning experiences. Some of the topics covered include advanced creation and design techniques.

SMART Lesson Development
Half Day Session: 3 hours.

This session teaches participants how to combine the SMART Notebook software and SMART Interactive Whiteboard technology to create content-specific lessons. The course focuses on curriculum and lesson development and helps educators create and explore innovative lesson ideas based on grade levels and content areas.

Don’t see exactly the training session that you were looking for? We can create specific session content and professional development programs to meet the needs of any department, school, or district. Call us at 908-236-7000 or email us for more information.