Staff & Qualificatons

Avectus employees are some of the most talented and hard-working in the audio visual, videoconferencing and multimedia solutions industries. When we hire a new employee, we are looking for someone who is just as focused on delivering quality products and services to our clients as our executives. Once hired, avectus employees attend continuous customer service training, as well as ongoing training in manufacturer sponsored programs. All of the courses and curriculum used have been chosen carefully and provided with through a team effort with experts through the technology field, as well as with key manufacturers.

Our employees are consistently increasing their knowledge base and learning about new technology in order to help our client base use our equipment effectively. Many of our employees hold professional certifications for working with a variety of teleconferencing systems, which include Cisco, Lifesize, ClearOne, and Polycom. Our technicians hold the highest certifications in the field, including being certified with (OSHA) Occupational Safety & Health Administration, Infocomm accredited, the International Communications Industries Association (ICIA), and Certified Technology Specialist (CTS).

Avectus is proud of our technical credentials. We are also proud of the high quality support services we provide. Our staff is among the best in the industry and offer top-notch service whether they are talking to clients over the phone, or integrating new equipment at your facility. You can trust that the service you receive from avectus staff will be professional and in the best interest of your audio visual system needs.